Transitioning Your Child with a Disability Back to School

Transitioning Your Child with a Disability Back to School


The transition back to school can be a difficult period for both the child and the parent and most are relieved for the return to structure, routine and predictability, especially our students with disabilities.  However, the transition to a new school year does bring its many challenges.  Here are some tips to assist families be prepared for the new school year.


Tip 1

Don’t assume that information about your child has been transferred to your child’s new class teacher/s, in fact, best to assume that it hasn’t.  

Tip 2

Make a time to meet your child’s new teacher/s including their Class Teacher/s, Head of Special Education and/or Case Manager (High School). 

Tip 3

Don’t attempt to impart important information in 5 minutes at the classroom door and hope for the best.

Tip 4

Establish a team approach - you know your child and their needs best – share your information and knowledge.

Tip 5

Establish clear channels of communication and expectations about when and how these will be used by the team.

Tip 6

Expect hiccups and approach your school team with a calm approach – seeking a resolution to the situation.  

Why is all this important? If your child feels that you and your school team are all on the same page, they are much more likely to commence the school year with confidence and positivity. 

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